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terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 11

hey yo guys xD
this is my female pack 11!!!Thanks to rexil for send me Leona model!
You'll find inside the pack:

Lia The Smuggler from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Seraphim From Hunted The Demon Forge

Leona From KOF Maximum Impact

Sonia From Ninja Gaiden

The reason you guys know: Cause gta needs more boobs xD!!!!!
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11 comentários:

  1. wow i rly like it thanks diego ^_^ and good work

  2. and where did you get your texture that shines ?
    (wood, earth, etc.)

  3. Diego Eae Beleza aki é o luciano246 do gtamodsmania
    e tao querendo q se fas um skin do cara do filme de carga explosiva

  4. Yatta!!! Finally... the female pack 11... im waiting for the 12... with asuka kazama inside it, maybe? fufu... ;)

    good work... as always.. ^.^d

  5. Fantastic....your boob packs are always a good choice to replace boring in game characters :o)

  6. @Devil
    thanks mate xD i'm glad you're still around!!

    i got them with a mod called better textures or HD textures for SA and using ENB Series.

    @Armys Gamers
    E ae broder! beleza?
    ih broder via ser dificil pq nao tem nenhum model 3d do Jason =\
    tem um mod pro gta 4 que eu achei nao muito parecdido com ele, depois da uma olhada la e ve o que vc acha. se curtir me diz que eu converto xD

    thanks broder xD

    i can try it, i don't promise cause i had to extract all tekken files again, and they are a pain in the a¨%$ cause the body is separeted from others parts like arms legs head hair etc!
    But i'll work for sure on more Tekken 6 models i just don't know if it's for now or for a little bit more time.

    hehehe thanks mate xD i'm glad you enjoy it!
    Expect more Boobs xD

  7. Please make a character "Mai Shiranui1" of KOF... I really want it :)