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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 13

Hey yo guys xD
i've finish my 13th female pack, so here it's.
You'll find inside the pack:
Mad Moxx from Bonderland, Diva the hottest(?? or not) mature lady on games from Dead Rising2, Rebecca on Bunny Outfit from Dead Rising 2 and Chun-Li from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
I put a lot of work on this pack so if you like it, leave a comment for more!
The reason you guys know: Cause GTA needs more boobs!!

Mad Moxx from Bonderland

Diva from Dead Rising2

Rebecca from Dead Rising2

Chun-Li from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


7 comentários:

  1. YES!!! chun-li in gta san andreas , you are the best

  2. Otimo Pack Diego, como sempre detalhes impecaveis hehe, gostei da Rebecca de coelinha XD

    Flw e um abraço =D

  3. Hey diego very cool work in your latest pack they are awesome i was very fucked up in the school but finally have some free time btw just AMAZING in the raiden model how did you to rip that model the game is still in WIP how did you do it ?

  4. as once Jimmy Hopkins said: Another Job Well Done...!!! thanks bro...!!!

  5. diego make dante from marvel vs capcom 3 plisss is the fucking boss!!! XD sorry 4 my bad english XP!!!

  6. thanks Diego4Fun i hope you make mods tekken 6 hwoarang and nina williams

  7. @Darkghost
    thanks dude ^^ i'm glad you enjoy it!

    vlw meu broder ^^ hehehehe eu tbm me amarrei na Rebecca coelhinha depois postarei mais mods do dr2. abraço e fica na paz!

    Thanks a lot my friend. heheh i was busy with college too but i'll get some free time this week.
    About that Rainden from MGS Rising, i found it on a forum, made by one guy.I'll check his name to post here.

    heheheh thanks mate, i'm happy you like it

    @Rich Paul Reys
    You're wellcome dude. ^^ I'll port more models from tekken 6 really soon!