Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 12

Hey guys
More females models on my Female Pack 12 for you.
you'll find inside:

Rebecca From Dead Rising 2

Partizan Cash Outfit 2 From Land Of Chaos

Phoenix From Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Kaine From Nier


Do you like it? Leave a comment for the next female pack! The reason? you guys know... cause GTA needs more boobs!

10 comentários:

  1. OMG!!! Thx Amigo Download I Love You Mods :)

  2. Next The Divas For RAW Vs Smackdown Plz Hehehe

  3. More sweet boooooobs , Hey Diego, can't get enough of that stuff :)

  4. OMG !!!!!!!!!!! Partisan looks really really so god damn cool .Partisan by far the best girl ever created to gta sa, thumbs up men . how is the metal gear skins if you don't mind

  5. ooOO you are the best!!!! I love these models..... but when you intend to make models of mona sax nude?..maybe you have not seen the link for tutorial that how to play with Mona Sax models

  6. @Alvarez
    thank you my friend, i'm glad you enjoy it!! =D cheers from Brazil.More divas will come for sure \o/

    heheheh xD cause gta need more boobs!

    thanks a lot my friend =D
    About MGS models i'm started one but they have uv mapping issues on the hand =\ so i had to stop workin on it after all work that i had flipping those polygons =\

    thanks mate =D i'm glad u enjoy it
    i read that but i don't have the game u know to rip the model but i think i'll get only the model i need so if i do it, we can have mona nude xD

  7. Very good! It only has a problem with the Phoenix. It does not function! ^_^

  8. How come whenever i download a skin mod off this site none of the skins work and they just freeze and crash my game? i really love the sexy female skins on this site but none wont work for me, why is that?????