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domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

[REL]Ghostbusters Pack 1

Hey yo guys
Here's the first pack from Ghostbuster the game.
Thanks to my friend Fixer for ripping those models!!






6 comentários:

  1. Otimo Pack Diego e como sempre, detalhes perfeitos =D sempre gostei dos Ghostbusters hehe XD

  2. Wow these are really good, could i make a request? i really would like kelly kelly and eve from wwe 12, thanks in advance

  3. Hey Diego can you make more skins of land of caos i really like the partisan in nurse outfit and want to have more skins of her and the chuck greene looks really awesome can't comment about this pack cuz i really dont like the ghostbusters in particular but you previous works were really kick ass :)

  4. @The_R0cus36
    thanks mate.

    Vle meu broder xD hehehe tbm sempre curti ghostbuster era iradão!

    Thanks bro. about those requests i can't do them for now cause i couldn't find a way to rip models from 2k12.

    Hey broder. Thanks alot =D i'm glad u enjoy those skins!About LOC i think i have more models to convert i'll check than i put on the next female packs

  5. Hey cara, o download não está funcionando! :P