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quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

[WIP]Def Jam Fight For New York Models

Hey yo guys!
Here, some models from defjam ny.
I'm only waiting fixer asking admin permission to post it.




4 comentários:

  1. yeah ey men CRACK (fat joe) yeah please..

  2. Faz Trish DMC4 XD vai fikar IRADO!!!!!

    Nota 1000 pelos os skins vlw mesmo.

  3. @Mozart1863
    Hey man i don't have that model yet but when fixer or his friend rip him i can rig him!

    vlw meu brode brigadao!
    Trish ja ta feita xD pronta pra down, vou posta-la com meu proximo female pack! keep an eye

  4. do you have a tutorial on how to rip Def jam fight for NY?