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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

[REL]Dead Rising 2:Off the Record Frank West

Hey yo guys.
This model was requested by someone and i really wanted to make him for SA, so here he's the zombie killer: Frank Fuck¹£¬ West from Dead Rising 2 Off The Record xD


8 comentários:

  1. can you make a model of Lulu Barra from dead rising please???

  2. @soylionscott
    hey bro, lulu from dr2/dr2 off the record?

  3. Nicee, but can you make it with the glasses?

  4. @frank west
    I just found a way to extract glasses models from DR2/OTR!
    I had already made a Frank version with glasses,I'll post it soon!

  5. I speak about lulu of dead rising 2 normally sorry for my english xD

  6. @soylionscott
    oh so i think i can convert her cause i have DR2 i'll check it. ^^

  7. Good news. I can't wait to see myself in glasses xD

  8. all of your mediafire uploads are down...pls reupload to sendspace pls!!!!!!!!!!!