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segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

[REL]Saint Seiya/Cavaleiros do Zodiaco Gold Saints/Cavaleiros Dourados Pack 1

Hey yo guys
I've finally finished my first pack with 6 gold saints from Saint Seiya the Anime.

Aries Mu

Taurus Aldebaran

Gemini Saga

Cancer DeathMask

Leo Airioa

Virgo Shaka

If you like it leave a comment, i put a lot of work on this pack

14 comentários:

  1. parabéns monkey, ficou mt doido mesmo ...
    DBZ e CDZ owna \o

  2. @Rodrigo Lins
    hahahah vlw gorila installa logo o gta ae denovo xD

  3. omg thx amigo for the virgo hahaha awesome mods

  4. Boa Diego, tambem gosto dos CDZ, toda tarde quando eu chegava do colegio, assistia hehe bons tempos XD sim, tou curtindo muito Vegeto hehe ficou muito fera =D

    Abraços e Flw

  5. Friend , Could you help me to convert saints row the third characters and pro street girls to gta san andreas please :D Would be great!

  6. AWESOME MEN!!! men how to extract 3D models from games?

  7. @Alvarez
    You're welcome my friend ^^ i'm glad u enjoy it

    Powww bons tempos, tv manchete , heheheh asssistia todoos os dias também. Shurato etc!!
    Gold Old Fuckin times heheheheh
    showw logo logo posto mais models do DBZ ae pra galera.
    Grande abraço

    THanks mate. About extracting models depende on what game u want cause they got different files. I looked on google for info when i want to extract , for some tutorials etc

  8. @Beckettisdead
    Do you have the models bro?
    cause i don't have it, if u do, send them that i can convert it.

  9. Hey Diego , you will make the other 6 gold saints wich are Libra ,Scorpio , Saggitarius , Capricorn , Acuarius and Pisces?

  10. eyy friend were are skin pack 2 saint seiya golden???

  11. Saint Seiya/Cavaleiros do Zodiaco Gold Saints/Cavaleiros Dourados Pack 2 !!!